With less use of makeup, give the skin a natural glow

Many women wear facial makeup to enhance their attractiveness and attractiveness. Makeup can vary from natural (light) to glamorous heavy depending on the context, mutual emphasis on femininity, and current social makeup trends. This study looked at how light makeup and heavy makeup affect attractive grading and facial recognition. In the classification work, 38 Japanese women assigned 36 Japanese female faces an attractive rating, without make-up, light make-up and heavy make-up (every 12).

Later in the identification work, participants were presented with 36 old and 36 new faces. The results show that the attraction for light make-up faces is the highest and the face without make-up is the lowest. In contrast, without makeup and light makeup faces were more recognizable than heavy makeup faces. Faces with heavy make-up have a higher rate of false identification than other faces, possibly because heavy make-up creates the impression of the make-up style itself rather than the person wearing the make-up. The present study shows that light makeup is better than heavy makeup.


Light makeup does not interfere with individual identity and gives a positive impression to the viewer. In the present study, we examined the effect of light and heavy make-up on the attractiveness and facial recognition rating in an identification work with a long retention period. Here we explain light makeup is a type of makeup that is characteristic of natural and feminine. Red colors were used and blended naturally into the skin. On the other hand, we define heavy make-up as a type of make-up that is characterized by perfection, maturity and coolness. Darker, lesser colors were used to enhance the contrast of the glow on the face.

Figure 1 shows examples of three types of facial images. Given the current popular trends, we've speculated that lighter makeup will have a better attractive rating than faces without makeup or heavy makeup. If attractive faces are directly related to facial recognition, light make-up should be better remembered. Conversely, if a facial feature predicts subsequent memory performance, recognition accuracy should be highest without make-up, lowest for light make-up, medium for heavy make-up, and lowest for heavy make-up. Yes, because the heavier the makeup, the less individual the facial features.

 Women wear facial make-up in their daily lives to enhance their attractiveness and create a good impression. However, it is not always clear what kind of makeup creates the most charming and memorable impression. If people are aware of the social and psychological effects of makeup on the viewer, they will be more satisfied and aware of their choices and use of cosmetic products. Unsolved Problems People's positive attitudes toward the attractiveness of another's make-up are influenced by a variety of factors, including social and interpersonal contexts.

 For example, light makeup that enhances the natural look of the face is often considered attractive or appropriate in everyday situations, while glamorous heavy makeup, which has more contrast as well as eyes or clothing or hair. Lip makeup is considered a clear link. More suitable for events such as parties or celebrations. A previous study suggests that color cosmetics may be considered a phenotypic extension that has a biological meaning.

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