Metallics new eyeshadow palettes with a glossy finish

It consists of vessels that look like small metal foil flakes that disappear like a mirror when pressed against your skin with your finger. We're not kidding it's like someone broke the disco ball and somehow made it safe to stain your eyelids. Don't ask questions just keep shining .Why limit yourself to a metallic color when you can buy a palette that basically covers every shade of the rainbow and then something? Makeup for Ever has just launched a wide range of 121 shades, but this beautiful pink should be our favorite. In the pane, the ME-840 appears as a beer. However, when brushed, it turns bright watermelon pink with a warm purple color.

Meet the Kashmiri in the shadow of the eyes. These pans are filled with the softest powders you will ever dip into your fingers. They are not soft enough to disappear when they appear on your face. Instead, the lubricant looks exactly like it does in the palette. Anastasia is the queen of eye shadow pellets, but she must be one of the best. Rose is a beautiful blend of gold and nude matte colors, as well as a splash of bright colors when you are feeling more adventurous.

Beauty lovers mourned everywhere when Urban Deck announced the closure of their famous nude palette. Fortunately, this gem came to alleviate our suffering. Their "reload" palette comes with the same versatile shade selection we know and love. Cream shades are great for creating the dewy, watery eyes you see on the pages of glossy magazines and throughout Insta . Use your fingers to warm the oils and mix them as you see fit. Each wardrobe requires more than one denim wash, and this palette extends from acid washing to classic true blues.

Even beginners can create a bold smoky eye with this step-by-step set. In all three, apply the first shade on the lid, the second on the crease, and the third, well, wherever. Cherries are not just a summer treat. The designer's limited edition holiday palette offers matte, satin and glossy formulas inspired by the stone fruit. While the glitter, satin and glitter are yet to fade, our favorite shade is Dragon Fly a warm red and blue pair of chrome that shines like its glittering feathers.

The bronze, gold and rusty colors in this palette will brighten those who warm their skin. Pair it with some gold jewelry to brighten your eyes. This formula contains moisturizing ingredients for a silky smooth application and crushed pearls for a shiny sheen. Also, paying for oil is, well, out of this world. This compact palette brings it back to basics. With metallic, glossy and velvet options, you need to smooth, highlight and color your eyes.

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